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October 21, 2010

It seems that everyone has a branded web series these days.

I’ve never even seen a televised commercial for The Printing House before, but today they launched a branded web series! And without a doubt, this video reeks of Old Spice bodywash, as if The Printz jumped into a big Old Spice pool. There’s no denying the Old Spice Man viral campaign changed the way companies and marketing agencies think about web videos and social media – Old Spice took the bull by the horns and clearly demonstrated the value of online integrated campaigns to boost brand power. Unfortunately, the commercial bit and product placement in this TPH video comes off a bit too heavy handed for my liking; it pretty much ruins any attempt they’ve made at being ‘cheesy but clever’ (re: Old Spice) and it seems to lack purpose as an online video. This is mostly evident by the lack of integration and online narrative as the marketing company who produced this video is hosting it on their YouTube channel. There’s no web page dedicated to The Printz, no twitter account, not even his own YouTube channel to host his show – aside from an email that randomly popped into my inbox, there has been very little thought behind campaign and how to harness the potential of digital advertising.  I mean, I know I’m essentially watching a long commercial, but I would feel a little less sleazy about it (and perhaps be a little more invested in the narrative) if TPH just hosted the video on their own account, or even better, made a Printz account and gave him an actual online voice. It is a simple solution that could greatly improve this campaign’s impact.

That said, I’ll still use TPH; for their quick service and competitive pricing – but not because I’m hoping for any hand deliveries by the Printz.

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