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December 23, 2010

Google Analytics is a free service by Google which gathers and reports web site statistics. From visitor locations, to web browsers, to time of day, Google Analytics is an impressive tool which data nerds have a tendency to geek out on. I use Google Analytics to track activity on my site and over the past year have discovered some pretty interesting things about my users: you like it when I post about food, the majority of you use Firefox, I have visitors from all over the world, and you find my blog via some pretty strange searches.

While taking a comprehensive look at my blog’s activity in 2010, I decided to compile a list of my favourite Google search results. These are real searches that users did, and thus real searches that brought them to my blog. I’m not sure what is more baffling; that people actually go out of their way to search for such ridiculous things, or that these word combinations bring you to me.

“after party nanananana nanananana”

Actually there is about 13 different ‘nananana’ combinations in my traffic source list including: “da na da na na na nananana”, “inanananananie daina” and “dam nanana dam nanana”. This is strange at first glance, but not when you consider my post about meeting Adam West this summer was aptly named “Na na na na na na na na”.

“dana geiser pics”

I posted a short article about the uber famous Selleck Waterfall Sandwich blog and decided that I too wanted to be a part of the photoshop phenomenon, thus creating “Dana Gieser Ice Cream”. Apparently though, someone else named Dana likes to take photos near geisers.

“hipstamatic porn”

You know, if you want vintage porn, just buy some old Playboys.

“how did chocolate began”

I can guarantee you my blog does not have the answer to this, but I do have some pretty interesting notes on how chocolate melts.

“hot brunette video”

I probably posted a bunch of videos of myself at one point. I imagine I tagged them all as ‘hot brunette’ because that’s who I be.

“why did you buy me that baby octopus”

Quite possibly my favourite search, only because it makes complete sense for anyone who’s ever been on Why Did You Buy Me That (which I wrote about in November).


I remember seeing this search not too long ago. Soon afterwards, I received an email offering me domain – an offer I still haven’t followed up on. Nonetheless,  I am clearly recognized as the true Bat Cat.

“movember cookies”

I have to admit, with all the Movember related blog postings I was doing, I regret not making Movember cookies while the Stitch Media guys were growing their staches. #nextyear

“must have hipster apps”

Apparently I am trusted source on all things hipster. But in all seriousness, if you have to google search ‘must have hipster apps’ chances are you’re not a hipster. But you really, really want to be.

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    Hilarious, yet insightful.

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