Starbucks, Drake, and #StarbucksDrakeHands

October 12, 2013

Jumping on a meme can be a complicated business where ‘just staying out of it’ is a worthy approach. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but dream up a few ways that Starbucks (and Drake) could capitalize on #StarbucksDrakeHands.

NXNE logo 2012 words

NXNEi: Community Moderators: Defending Your Brand and Creating Your Audience

June 6, 2012

This panel talks to experts in the field of community management and moderation services exploring the challenges involved in juggling their jobs as both professional Troll hunters and as purveyors of brand awareness.


SXSW 2012: Saying Goodbye To Your Digital Self

October 24, 2011

With such a disposable way of documenting our lives, have social networks set us up for cultural extinction? Using Geocities and Friendster as case studies, this panel will explore the issues and possible solutions to the loss of digital memory on both a personal and cultural level.

facebook video

Facebook Video Calling Looms Over Google+

July 6, 2011

What make Facebook Video Calling special is the timing of it’s release (with regards to Google+) and their partnership with Skype – soon to be owned by Facebook shareholder Microsoft. Simply put – what makes Facebook Video Calling special is it’s potential to be huge.


Saying Goodbye To Your (Digital) Self

May 16, 2011

As our digital self increasingly mirrors and extends our ‘real life’ self, our online memories become as important to us as the ones we construct IRL.


How To Be A Jerk: On Twitter

February 23, 2011

Want to be the ultimate jerk on twitter? Then do exactly what the critics state all tweeters do: be a self-involved douchebag. Here’s how…

instragram hipstamatic

Hipster vs Hipster; Battle of the iPhone Photography Apps

December 15, 2010

Instagram is experiencing some incredibly steady growth, proving itself to be the obviously more social friendly app

greetings from toronto


June 23, 2010

#EarthquakeTO and #earthquake quickly started trending amongst my fellow tweeters, and a 15 second earthquake turned into a hilarious 15 minute twitter-fest